Looking Up Watercolor


“Looking Up” watercolor by Yvonne Pecor Mucci (Framed 11 x 14, Available)

Painted during Cedarburg Plein Air competition. I had a hard time choosing a subject this day, probably because I felt overwhelmed with choices. If someone says, here, paint this, you have no problem and get painting straight away.  During a plein air competition it is a completely different thought process. You ask yourself: Can I complete this in the allotted time? Is the light good? Is the subject interesting? Would someone else like it. What it really comes down to is do I like it? And the answer was YES! I was interested in the tops of buildings and thought the Cedarburg Art Museum would be a great choice. This is when you hope your sketching skills are strong because they really are the base of all paintings.

This painting is available and can be shipped framed or unframed.
Painting inquiries to mucciyvonne@yahoo.com
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  1. Always love your work!! ~Sophia


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