The Harness Maker’s House Watercolor

The Harness Maker's House by Yvonne Pecor Mucci (Framed 20 x 16, Sold)

The Harness Maker’s House watercolor by Yvonne Pecor Mucci (Framed 20 x 16, Sold)

Last week I was one of 160 artists participating in a plein air competition.  The weather was a mixed bag, fog, mist, rain and sun which made watercolor painting a real challenge.  Still, it was a fabulous week of painting throughout the town of Cedarburg, WI.  There were so many interesting subjects to explore in a week!

“The Harness Maker’s House” watercolor is of the Charles Hinze House, a harness maker (circa 1860s).  The view looks west past the original well pump to the rare story and a half fieldstone barn.  This glimpse of a bygone era can still be enjoyed while driving down the original Green Bay Road in Historic Cedarburg.

Thank you to Ray, Sarah and Noah for being the very best hosts!  I could not have had a successful week without you guys.

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All artwork is ©Yvonne Pecor Mucci. No reproduction without permission.


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  1. Beautiful work… love the colors and the delicate brushwork.


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