Waiting for Spring – Watercolor

Waiting for Spring Watercolor by Yvonne Pecor Mucci

Waiting for Spring Watercolor by Yvonne Pecor Mucci (Framed 18 x 14)

I think everyone is waiting for spring these days, that’s what inspired the title of this watercolor.  This beautiful farm from Salem County, NJ was painted using a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber.

Click on the painting to see the details.

Inquiries to mucciyvonne@yahoo.com

The images below show how the painting was blocked in.  I wanted to use as few brushstrokes as possible to tell the story.


All artwork is ©Yvonne Pecor Mucci. No reproduction without written permission.

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  1. Great paintings. I know I certainly can’t wait for Spring!

  2. This is really beautiful. Yvonne. I enjoy your work.

  3. Thank you! Another day closer to spring!

  4. Raymond Pecor

     /  February 16, 2014

    Yvonne, you are SOOO right!!! And this painting is just lovely! Can’t wait for the weather to look like that!

    Love ya, Us 3


  5. I can almost hear the cows ! DAD

  6. Wow!!! So beautiful!! ~Sophia


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