How to CONTACT me

For painting prices, demonstrations, workshops, or commissioned artwork, please contact me via email: or 856-430-6144

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  1. Hello,
    I love your watercolor paintings & the transparent quality that you maintain in them. I am interested in your Demonstrations & how they work. I live in Colorado so I can not attend a workshop. I am interested in landscapes, & how to paint trees, ground cover, streams, sky etc. Please send me an email & tell me about your demonstrations.
    Jim Kraus

    • Thank you. I demo for my watercolor workshops and the art league. As an artist, I think you gain so much by seeing another artist’s approach, no matter what medium they’re using. Art leagues are a great resource and member’s are usually more than happy to share techniques.

  2. Any chance you’ll offer some type of copy of your watercolors? Giclee prints? Notecards? I’m afraid your BEAUTIFUL work is not in my budget, but maybe a print, or some thank you cards would be. I enjoy your work, but also your notes about the painting – background info, why you chose it, and the pictures of the work in progress. Thanks for sharing.

    • At this time I do not have any Giclée or notecards available. But, thank you for your kind words.


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