1750s Home in Southern New Jersey

Linda and Greg's 1750s Home

Linda and Greg’s 1750s Home (sold)

Shown above is a portrait of a 1750s home in southern New Jersey. It was commissioned by a friend to give as a gift to his next door neighbor. The challenge of this painting was the size of the property and the detail in the historic building. Luckily he asked me about it in early spring. There’s a very mature, desiduous, Bald Cypress tree which blocks out most of the building during the summer. If he would have called me just a few weeks later I would have had to postpone the painting until the fall when the Cypress had lost its foliage. I immediately drove over and took a series of photos which were combined into the view shown.

I opened up the Cypress to show the second fireplace and the roof line. If I would have left the tree as it was, it wouldn’t make sense in the painting. The other trees on the property were also critical because the property owners had planted most of them.

For a portrait of your home, please contact me via email mucciyvonne@yahoo.com

All artwork is ©Yvonne Pecor Mucci. No reproduction without written permission.

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