A Very Fine House …

A Very Fine House, Line Art By Yvonne Pecor Mucci

A Very Fine House, Line Art by Yvonne Pecor Mucci (sold)

Something different for a change!

I did this black and white line art illustration of a home to be used on the owners personal letterhead. When the final application of the artwork will be a reduced reproduction you have to be careful not to be heavy handed with your darks.  They tend to fill in when reduced. This was sketched very lightly in graphite onto acid free smooth bristol paper and inked with a 005 Micron archival and fade proof waterproof pen.  I found it helpful to print my reference photos in black & white.  Personal details like the small shed in the background, windmill, lightning rods, bench and flag all add interest to the sketch.  Funny how I kept humming the lyrics to “Our House” by Crosby Stills Nash & Young while working.  The home owners were really happy with the result.

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All artwork is ©Yvonne Pecor Mucci. No reproduction without written permission.