Quick Sketches of Model

Sketching subjects and making notes for paintings is so important.  It gives you the overall tone for the painting.  The camera captures everything, but it also flattens the scene.  You can take notes on color and value for use when you’re in the studio.  For me, making quick sketches along with taking photographs lets me figure out what I want to paint long before I pick up a brush.

Preliminary Sketch of Barn with NotesSketch of Woman Reading on Beach

Sketch of Mom and Child at Shore

Sketch of Shoreline at Riverwinds

The combination of sketches and photos gives me a higher confidence level when tackling a tough subject.

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  1. hi, also wanted to know, where have u studied arts from? btw, im pursuing my interest in arts and have just started out.

    • There are lots of really good art schools around. My choice was the American Academy of Art. I like doing workshops, especially if it is with an artist whose work I love. Education should never stop no matter the level of your success. Best of luck to you.

  2. Lola Weigel

     /  February 19, 2013

    You amaze me. These are all wonderful but I think my favorite is the hibiscus painting.
    They look like you can touch them. That and the white flowers at Longwood look like
    a photograph they are so real looking. Great work.


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