Whitegarden at Longwood by Yvonne Pecor Mucci

Whitegarden at Longwood by Yvonne Pecor Mucci

Painting florals in watercolor is a very popular subject which gives the artist and the viewer great pleasure.  Keeping them light and loose is a difficult thing to accomplish.  The branch was rotated and the background was kept out of focus to keep the viewer involved with the blossoms.

Longwood Gardens is a beautiful place to go for a walk.  There are endless subjects which make beautiful paintings.  I have a great many photos of flowers and trees which would take a lifetime to paint. I especially enjoy painting flowers during those gray winter months.

Once you have your photos and sketches, it is great to have a live cutting of the flower you are trying to capture.  Your eyes are much better than a camera lense at capturing complex details.


All artwork is ©Yvonne Pecor Mucci. No reproduction without written permission.

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  1. Ray

     /  January 7, 2012

    W O W ! , Dad

  2. Faith Synol

     /  July 30, 2012

    Gee Yvonne, when you become famous for all of the beautiful things you do , I can say “He, I knew her way back when”. Your talents are so great and I love sharing them. I miss you and am so happy to see you enjoying something so wonderful ! Love you , Faith 🙂


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